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Hair Tip – Add a Spoonful of Sugar to Your Shampoo


Today’s post will be a hair tip on caring for your mane of hair. I have heard of this before but it was only when I tried it that I became convinced it actually works!

Adding a spoonful of sugar to your shampoo and washing your scalp as normal, exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. We exfoliate our faces and bodies regularly so why not care for our scalp also?

Hairspray, dry shampoo, heat protectors and all of that other nasty stuff we use on a daily basis can clog the pores leading to a build up of dirt and grime.

The great part is you don’t have to fork out extra on expensive products for this. What a sweet hair hack! 😉

Do be careful though, as over doing it can irritate your scalp, so no need to get too excited and do this every time you wash. Once a week should be plenty. My hair felt squeaky clean after I did it and it felt soo good!

Have you tried this? Let me know in the comments box!



14 thoughts on “Hair Tip – Add a Spoonful of Sugar to Your Shampoo

      1. OMG yes and the vinager mixed with your hair mask (it’s a Brazilian thing I don’t know how to translate the name “selagem”) it’s incredible aswell. I have no split ends and last time I’ve cutted my hair was in June back in 2016 😊😊😊

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